H.M.B.D.T.D.W.E.F.2.F.R. Day 5 (Cinderella)

Twinnifer has decided to throw his keys in the bowl regarding the old Hair Metal Band Death Tour Bus Week Extravaganza Fest 2008 For Realz, and it goes something like this...

"I'll throw in Cinderella".

Now before I get into it I have to tell you that Cinderella may be the most unremarkable band of all time. I personally couldn't remember any album or hit they had, so I consulted my good friend Internet and he confirmed that they were completely useless. I mean as a far as I can tell, they didn't even headline one show. It seems they just opened for bigger and better bands their whole career. Seriously, the most interesting thing I could find about them is that one of it's members left to create a new band with a dude from Ratt.

So I guess we could throw them in the Death Tour Bus, but that would almost upgrade them to "Existing". I say we give them similar treatment that The Scorpions got, and we give them food poisoning. After they die we can put their bodies in the storage compartments before the bus takes off. Ya, that sounds about right.

Editor's Note: They are planning a new tour in 2008. Seriously?

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