Dear DeathCar reader,

For the last 3 months and 118 Posts, we have banded together to provide our own brand of vehicular justice upon the shit that walks this earth. Give yourself a hand, this could not have been done without you. But I'm afraid in order to continue on this road paved with gold, we must shift our strategies and broaden our scope.

Starting tomorrow, DeathCar will undergo a major overhaul that will see it join forces with it's sister site, Moustache. This will make an easier one stop shopping experience for you the reader. Also, a new PostMaster will be on board with the addition of Tachikoma from the Ifs and Blips blog.

The New DeathCar will still include your DeathCar's as well as any other observances you may have. As Tachikoma put it, "Why beat one joke to death"? Hopefully after the upgrades, we can beat several jokes to death (fingers crossed).

So let's look forward as we put this current DeathCar in the New Deathcar...

This should be good.



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    This blog is your Mom.


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