H.M.B.D.T.B.W.E.F.2.F.R. Day 4 (Scorpions)

Jco writes...

"how about the Scorpions?"

Good call my anti-German friend. If you want The Scorpions to die a horribly painful death a la rolling wreckage, than thats what your gonna get.

So, let's begin. So the thing with the Scorpions and being in the Hair Metal Band Death Tour Bus Week Extravaganza Fest 2008, For realz, is that they are actually pretty cool. The problem is that they are also Euro-trash piles of human feces. So that kind of brings us to a cross roads.

On the one hand, you have to respect a Metal band that started in 1965, and had members with names such as Rudolf, Wolfgang, Lothar, Klaus, and Barry. But on the other hand, how can you forgive any self respecting metal band that gave us "Send me an angel"?

I think I may have found a compromise. What if they die on the Death Tour Bus, not in an accident, but of food poisoning? Does that work for everyone? Good.

So it was written, so it was done.

Editor;s Note: Yup, you guessed it. Still a fucking band. What the fuck is going on???

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