Part 1

So here we are, the first day of the rest of our lives. A single tear is rolling down face and into my mouth. It tastes divine, like the last Cadbury cream egg of the season. MOZELTOF!

So one of the new features we are going to have here at DeathCar will be posts that salute the brave men and woman that have set up user profiles at YouTube, and fill their accounts with some of the most brain numbing bullshit ever to grace God's bountyful bounty, also known as the internet. I call it "Who the fuck has a YouTube user profile?".

Our first honouree has been a YouTube member since March of '06 and goes by the User handle of "Spouse Rocks My World". Seriously, you can't make that shit up. Spouse (as it's friends call it), likes to make compilations of famous child actor twins, and set it to heartfelt tunes. In fact, it has posted more than 81 to date.

What a wonderful thing to do with your spare time. Collecting clips of the Olson twins, and the...other ones I guess, and sharing them with all the other lonely people on the net. I hear that Jeffery Dahmer had a similar pass-time before "the man" came down on him for attempting to create a "sex zombie" out of the spare parts of his various lovers.

You see this is the part where I would normally go off for 2 paragraphs about what a waste of air this person was, and how we should put it in a vehicle that don't work none good, but this is the first baby step towards diversity. So ya. I don't like it.

Stay tuned for more installments of, "Who the fuck has a YouTube user profile?".

Editor's Note: I also wanted to start making these posts a little shorter and more reader friendly, but I guess I gotta work on that.

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