Gay Wad

So we have been adding some new additions to the DeathCar line-up this week, and one of those new additions (see 12 words ago), is something we like to call

A Google of shit we found.

So the basic idea is, we type in a search word into Google Images, and then we describe the top ten results. Sound lame? Well my friend, I typed in "Your Mom" as a searchword, and picture of me molesting her showed up. Is that lame? Huh? Fag.

Soooooo....Toady's Word for "A Google of shit we found" is ....


10. Pizza

9. Tom Selleck in a Ferrari

8. A black guy in serious need of a dental plan.

7. A penguin standing in front of Mount Rushmore.

6. A World AIDS Day poster.

5. Zac Efron

4. A drawing of a Turtle dressed as a bunny.

3. A tombstone for a man named Oliver Lemons (1915 - 1990)

2. A young boy washing his hands.

1. A horny dog.

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  1. Seins de Tonnere21:55

    So I googled 'death car blog' for shits and giggles, and the first thing up is 'Super Karate Monkey Death Car'

    Thought y'all should know what you're up against.



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