H.M.B.L.T.B.W.E.F.2.F.R. Day 6 (X Japan)

OK, so it's Day 6 of The Hair Metal Band Death Tour Bus Week Extravaganza Fest 2008 For Realz, and we are goning to change things up a bit. You see, new friend to the blog Ryan D decided to send in a video link (below) that blew my mind. So instead of entering this band as a DeathCar nom, I am sending them directly to the coveted Life Ambulance. What band could this possibly be you ask? Well my tubby foe, the band in question is none other than X Japan.

What do I know about X Japan? Nothing. Actually that's not entirely true. I know that they formed in 1983, and they refuse to compromise their rock for anyone including the Devil himself. So put your hands together, click play, and enjoy. Shit is about to get honest.

So I guess this makes it the The Hair Metal Band Life Ambulance Tour Bus Week Extravaganza Fest 2008 For Realz


  1. thunder tits15:06

    jeez, would you start killing for christ's sake? All these Life Ambulance candidates...I'm dissapointed.

  2. All these life Ambulance candidates??? There are 16 Deaths for every 1 Life Ambulance!!!! You ungrateful little pig!!!!

    More killing later.

  3. Anonymous04:04

    extreme meets g 'n' r, but, with way better hair... rad!

  4. the whale04:06

    these guys totally deserve to live. it's the bands that made it BIG from their hair that deserve lesser things. as long as they toured their asses off, they're allowed to live.. um, did they??!!


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