letters from Iwo Jima (or some place relatively near there).

Tachikoma may not be able to view the DeathCar anymore, but that ain't stopping him from participating. He writes...

"You need to do a Deathcar on "Grace Under Fire". Brett Butler and Dave Thomas? It writes itself."

You make 2 good points here my friend. One, Grace Under Fire was one of the worst fucking shows ever made. It wasn't even Dave Thomas, or that dude Grace. It was that snotty piece of shit kid. I wanted to reach through the screen, grab him by the neck, and carve an intricate pattern on his face using a rusty nail. Is that going to far?

And two, it DOES write itself.

Editor's Note: I wanted to use the title "Grace on Fire", but I have apparently already used it on Nancy Grace. Maybe we should have an all "Garce" DeathCar.

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