H.M.B.D.T.B.W.E.F.2.F.R. Day 3 (W.A.S.P.)

Krimet writes,....


That is an excellent selection for the Hair Metal Band Death Tour Bus Week Extravaganza Fest 2008, For realz Day 3. So let's begin.

So I guess first off we should break down what W.A.S.P. was all about by breaking down what the acronym stands for. A quick google search referred me to a early interview in which the band gave up the info I was looking for. And I tell you, this is what happens when you get a group of 9 year old boys to name your band. Ready?..

W.A.S.P. = We Are Sexual Perverts

There you go. We are sexual perverts indeed. Simply amazing. Why didn't they just go with something like "I like boobs", or "boner owners". Also, my research shows that these renegades of shit spent a large portion of their careers fighting Tipper Gore and the PMRC about their controversial lyrics such as ...

Lick it hard, lap it up, do it now baby, touch it, touch it
Lick your lips and flash your paws
Shuck me suck me eat me raw

Actually, I commend W.A.S.P for their anti censorship stance against Tipper & Friends, as they will be seeing a seat in the old DeathCar fairly soon as well. How ironic that they could spend the rest of eternity together in a old bus. That old bus of course being the Hair Metal Band Death Tour Bus. Did I not mention that the post accident eternity includes never getting off the bus? Oh, well that's a part of it. What? How long have I been awake? About 12 minutes. Why? Can you tell? You can? Huh....maybe I should go back to sleep? Ok, I will. Thanks for all of the great advice, your friend, -D.W.B.

Editor's Note: W.A.S.P. is still touring. Why? WHY?


  1. krimet17:11

    did you just call me krimet?

  2. Anonymous18:02

    I would like to answer your "why are these bands still touring" question.

    The answer is quite simple actually. The fact that they are touring increases the likelyhood that they will find their hair metal tour bus transformed magically into a hair metal death tour bus.

    The More You Know.


  3. Balls Deep21:20

    DeathCar fans ain't nothing to fuck with.


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