DeathCar Summer Concert Series Part 6

Some people Roll with Kid 'n Play. We call those people lucky.

DeathCar Summer Concert Series Part 5

DC Presents, "Are you Jimmy Ray?" The pop single by Jimmy Ray that dominated the music charts for 1 solid week in 1997. Your welcome.

DeathCar Summer Concert Series Part 4

A little "Buffalo Stance" by Neneh Cherry to cool you down on this hot summer night.

DeathCar Summer Concert Series Part 3

You are currently balls deep in a little "Everyones a winner" by Montreal's own BOOTSAUCE. Your welcome.

DeathCar Summer Concert Series

Today marks the first edition of the DeathCar Summer Concert Series.

Andy Kim "Rock me gently"

Sit back and enjoy.


Female drivers and other wonderful stereotypes.

It's not the crash that's funny, it's the way the gay man at the end handles the situation. I think he wet himself.

Say it, Frenchy!

Thelma sent this in to remind you that French people are shitty.



I'm actually pretty done with these mash up trailers, but this one is pretty good. Also, I'm too lazy to find anything better to post. Fuck you.

DeathCar is haunted by your Mom.

So for some reason every post that we have put up in the last 4 days has mysteriously been taken down. Is this the work of the good people at Google Media Worldwide? Or is it just the good taste police? Either way, Tach is not gonna take it, and he is fighting back with a picture from his homeland. Take it for what it is. I do.

More stuff, I guess.

More Howard the Duck related happenings.

Fuck you.


So I was searching through the old YouTube archives when I came across this little number. Yes, it appears to be a tribute to actress Lea Thompson (of Howard the Duck fame), with the addition of the song stylings of Roxette.






Looks like Christmas came a little early this year.

So if you never had the pleasure of viewing the masterpiece that is Jack Frost (the original, not the shitty Michael Keaton version), you have yet to partake in the greatest scene in cinematic history. It involves a snowman raping Shannon Elizabeth in a shower by removing his carrot from his face and sticking it in his crotch. If this doesn't sound glorious to you, you are gay, and also a homo.

Now on with the show!

But how did it get burned?

A month or two ago we posted a clip from the Nick Cage movie Wicker Man. Here is another one. It turns out that movie is filthy entertaining in small, out of context clips.

I think I love it

Well if you love it so much, why don't you marry it?

Maybe I will, Dad!!! Maybe I will!!!1


I don't know why I find this so funny, I just do.

Fucker by Fucker for Fuckers.

This weeks final Albums, and the people that create them, brings us the 1988 smash hit album "Fucker" by the 1988 smash hi9t band "Fucker".

I'm really into dicks.

But why aliens?

Todays Albums, and the artists that create them, is an old classic from the year 2000 by the band Prosthetic Cunt. It is entitled, Fucking your daughter with a frozen vomit fuck stick.

Art - 1

Society - 0

That cat seems like a jerk.

Today's Albums, and the people that create them, is an artist that goes by the name Nicole 12. Is it a coincidence that the first two albums have pedi-undertones? There is no way to tell. There is just no way to tell.

Francky Vincent: 15 ans deja...(putain!)

This is the first entry in the new DeathCar series: Albums, and the people that create them. The title roughly translates (if my French is correct), to 15 years ago, ...whore! or 15 year old,...Whore! Either way, Franky is an artist, and he needs your respect. Pronto.

Rock out with your Cop out.

So it has come to my attention that there are people out there that never got the pleasure to experience Cop Rock for themselves. This is just a short clip to give you an idea of what somebody actually green lit one fateful evening in the autumn of 1990.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Only in dreams.

Now normally a new Weezer video wouldn't exactly be a top candidate for DeathCar. but in this case we will have to make an exception. You see, blog homeboy Tay Zonday is in it, and that means the world stops and listens. He is pretty much everything that is good and pure in the world wrapped up into one beautiful little package.

Editor's Note: Weezer hasen't done anything worth while since Matt Sharp left the band like a decade ago, but i have to say, this ain't half bad.