H.M.B.D.T.B.W.E.F.2.F.R. Day 2 (Warrant)

So now we reach day 2 in the Hair Metal Band Death Tour Bus Week Extravaganza Fest 2008, For realz debate, and our old friend Thunder Tits has piped in with...

Who are the turds that sang 'Cherry Pie'? they should be there

The band you are thinking of is none other than L.A.'s own Warrant.

You may or may not remember Warrant as the boys that gave us that thinly veiled one hit wonder about taking the virginity from underage girls, hence the pun "Cherry Pie". Whats my favorite line from the song? I'm glad you asked...

"Swingin' in there 'cause
She wanted me to feed her
So I mixed up the batter
And she licked the beater"

Ah Warrant you insinuating bastards, how you never cracked the Billboard Top 10, I'll never know. Actually I do...you have all the talent of Brooke Hogan, and the stage presence of a gay owl. Welcome to the bus.

Editor's Note: Warrant is also still a band today. What is with these bands and there refusal to give up?

Editor's Note 2: Why did the owl have to be gay?

Editor's Note 3: Why did the owl have to be an owl?

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