The Facts of Death

Molly Ringwald was in the original Facts of Life????

My world is crumbling all around me!!!!

Editor's Note: Yes, I am just sitting at home alone in my underwear browsing YouTube for old intros to sitcoms I watched as a child. Why?


  1. Suzieju11:38

    Facts of Life, also featured George Clooney and one of my favourite comediennes Geri Jewell. Geri played Blair's "special" cousin (she has Cerebral Palsy). Geri was pretty much kicked off the show because of the same reason she was on in the first place, her disability.
    Interesting fact: Jimmy the CB kid on South Park was pretty "moo-ch" based on Geri Jewell.

  2. Mr. Wigglesworth11:46

    for some reason, this makes me did Mrs. Garret get top billing?

  3. Glen The Miles14:47

    what's a tutti?

  4. Anonymous23:07

    I like that this is the post that everyone comments on.


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