Hanna Miley Ray Montana Cyrus and a dog.

Alright, quick question...

Who the hell is Miley Cyrus? And if she is the chick I'm thinking of, then who the hell is Hanna Montana? Are they same chick? Are they sisters? Is Billy Ray the Dad of both? Do they have the same mother? Is it like when a mommy cat gets it on with lots of daddy cats and a bunch of different breeds spill out after? Do they have real albums and music careers or is it like S Club 7? Speaking of S Club 7, what ever happened to the Hannah on that show? How old was she? How old is Hanna Montana? Is she legal? No? Maybe I should stop typing now.

Editor's Note: So are they/she in DeathCar or what?

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  1. Gary the Jew16:02

    I want to marry that dog.


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