Who the fuck is Sean Kingston?

Mr.Wigglesworth writes...

So when is Sean Kingston going to be in a death car?
Right now, me thinks.
That plagiarizing tubby piece of shit. I mean, have you counted how many times he points at the viewer in his music videos?
Fuck him.
Fuck him and his shitty pointing.
Die, Sean Kingston. Die.

To tell you the truth, I didn't even know that Sean Kingston existed. When I googled him, I instantly recognized his face, but I thought he was that fat cast member from SNL that does the unfunny parts, or that guy that works the night shift at the Esso downtown. Either way, motherfucker has got to go.


  1. Anonymous14:17

    Fuck, go get a life you peices of shit, you's are just fucking jealous 'cos your so ugly that you can't even fucking star on c4, mtv, juice tv, youtube, bebo, google and all that shit. Sean Kingston is awesome, and is actually an idol to some people. Fucking grow up stupid assholes. You prolly can't sing for shit. You fucking die, Jealous fucktards.

  2. Ha ha ha hahahaha a....

    Who defends people they don'r even know to strange blogs???

    What a fucking tool.

    PS - I guess the same tools that use the abbreviation "'cos".

    Also, whats with the annoymous shit you fucking pussy?

  3. I don't know...I kinda like one hit wonders and their fans. It's like the wonderful world of Baha Men and Crazy Town. Especially their anonymous fans...they have good taste and are sexy..........touch.


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