Fuck this show.

Now I realize that this may not be the most topical DeathCar we have ever featured here, but that doesn't mean that these people are any less deserving of their impending death. You see, I stumbled across a re-run of it yesterday, and it dawned on me that Will & Grace was the worst fucking show that has ever aired in television history.

What bugs me the most about this "revolutionary" sitcom, is that people talk about how "ahead of it's time" it was, and how it broke down so many barriers for gay people. Will & Grace will do the same for the gay community what Blackface did for African Americans, or what Batwatch did for Woman's rights.

But enough about social commentary, that's not what this blog is primarily about. this blog is about smashing someone's stupid face because their face is stupid, and needs to be smashed. So here it is... DeathCar: Will & Grace Edition

Driver - Eric McCormack is a no talent hack that has a bright future of hosting non-televised parades.

Shotgun - Debra Messing started with "Ned & Stacey", then went on to "Will & Grace". and she will finish here trifecta of shit with "Some Dude & Flat-Chested Cunt".

Backseat - Sean Hayes is French Stewart but with less talent.

Backseat - Megan Mullaly. You don't have big boobs, you are fat. There is a huuuuge difference.

Backseat - The maid I guess.

Trunk - Anyone who owns any season on DVD.

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  1. Mister Wigglesworth11:41

    So when is Sean Kingston going to be in a death car?
    Right now, me thinks.
    That plagiarizing tubby piece of shit. I mean, have you counted how many times he points at the viewer in his music videos?
    Fuck him.
    Fuck him and his shitty pointing.
    Die, Sean Kingston. Die.


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