The General Public

Stop, collaborate and listen, Cheese is back with a brand new edition...

I'm am definitely likeing the theme DeathCars that are being submitted lately. Here we have a "General Public" entry that I have to say is pretty damn good. I Particularly enjoy the ironic T's addition. Note to scenesters, when Zeller's starts selling it, it's not cool anymore. This includes the "Future Cougar" T-shirt, the "Goonies" T-shirt, and even the single color, off-set stock footage "Art" print T-shirt. Sorry, I don't make the rules I just enforce them (and by enforce them, I mean I write a blog under an alias).


Deathcar: General Public Edition

Driver: People who wear ironic Ts

Shotgun: People who dress their babies and/or animals in ironic Ts.

Back Left: People who use the word "funky" seriously.

Back Right: People who say "Crackbook" or "Crackberry".

Back Middle: People who cruise Robson Street.

Trunk: People who put bullet hole decals on their cars.

Editor's Note: I once saw a car with the aforementioned bullet hole decals and one of them was on the window. Fuck. Everybody.

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