Bono is shite.

Why the fuck did it take so long to put this bag of shit in the DeathCar?

You see, the problem is that Bono is an oblivious turd that thinks that because he wrote a few shitty songs, his opinion matters, or that even worse he can help create change. Let me be clear here, Bono's opinion does not matter, and Bono can not help create change. Bono is an 47 year old Irish twat that hangs out with a 46 year old man that wishes to be referred to as "The Edge". Together they are the douchely equivalent to Lenny and Squiggy, except these mother fuckers are real and walking the streets.

Quick Side Note: Imagine being The Edge? I mean, your not EVEN Bono, your a shitty side kick to that...thing. Seriously, why doesn't that guy just kill himself? Why doesn't anybody? Why does always have to come down to me shoving their asses in the DeathCar?

Ok,...where were we? Bono is an delusional wanker that makes shitty music. Edge is his dog. The End.

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