Eddie Izzard is a ghost.

Have you ever noticed that everybody has heard of Eddie Izzard, but nobody has heard Eddie Izzard?

You see the problem with the English is they keep sending their shit over the pond, and it's starting smell. I think we should start sending our shit over there. Maybe we could have a DeathBoat of sorts, that we fill with our garbage, send it sea worthy, and hope it finds it's way to the Motherland. We could fill it with Martin Short, and Howie Mandell, and of course we would have to have Russell Peters, Matthew Perry and David Foster there as well. Yes, this is a wonderful plan. No more Sharon Osbourn, or Dominic Monaghans for us. Just good old fashioned Page 3 girls to fill our thriving "Price is Right" model industry.

Now, back to Izzard. You see the problem with Izzard is that he is confusing. He says he isn't a transexual, yet he wears womans clothing, and he says he is a comedian, but he isn't funny. Actually, he could be. Who knows? Nobody has ever heard him because he doesn't exist. Or does that what he wants us to think?

....So I just re-read what I wrote and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I mean, it makes enough sense, just not enough to create a valid argument. I did enjoy the DeathBoat idea though. Maybe I should made the entire blog entry about that instead of concentrating on Eddie Izzard. Whatever, either way.

Editor's Note: Seriously, why is Eddie Izzard famous?

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