Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

Newcomer, Suzieju is proposing a brand new concept that just may sweep the nation. Like Pogs, and the hulahoop before it, Death DeathCar will fill all of your "not quite dead enough" needs.

Death Death Car:
Die again for the second time.
Already dead, but man i'm glad that they are. The following people were driving through one of the 7 plains of hell on their vacation when they drove into a bus of dead nuns. All 5 passengers died, again - for the second time.

Driver: Hitler
Man that guy really sucked. He was busy eating a McDonalds Big Mac and got some special sauce on this upper lip, which forced his car to lose control and hit the bus of nuns.

Shotgun: Walt Disney
Hitler's right hand man and gay lover. They do everything together.

Back Seat 1: Garth Brooks
Shit! He's not dead. Damn, i thought it was him. My mistake, i was thinking of Chris Gaines.

Back Seat 2: Lady Diana
This chick did absolutely jack squat for the world, so she died and became some kinda of martyr, who for some gd reason was mourned heavier than Mother Teresa. To make it worse Elton John rewrote one of his gay songs for her and made a major fortune off of it. She's the only one out of the group who died in two car accidents... What a pity.

Back Seat 3: Anna Nicole Smith
Anna and Lady Diana deserve to be together. Maybe they are brushing each other's hair and having sleepovers in HELL.

Editor's Note: Remember in Beetlejuice, when Adam and Barbara are walking down the hallway of the office in the neitherworld, and they come across the room where all those spirits are floating around, and the janitor explains that it was death for the dead. What was that room called? It's driving me insane.

Another Editor's Note: Yes, I realize that this is the second time in 2 weeks that I have referenced Beetlejuice.


  1. Mr. Wigglesworth13:16

    I believe it was the room of lost souls

  2. Yes,...The Room of Lost Souls...thank you.


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