Driver of the Year 2007

Well, we are at year end here at DeathCar, and what a wonderful 2007 it has been. A new year brings more carnage and less understanding. This of course brings us to our 1st annual "Driver of the Year" award. This dubious honour goes to the person you the readers voted in as the most worthy person of dying in a car crash in the last calendar year. It was a very tight race, but we did indeed find a clear cut winner by the end. Some of you may have expected to see a certain socialite, or perhaps a douchebag comic, but even they could not knock this man of his pedestal. He is hated not only in his own country, but every other country in the world as well. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you your Driver of the Year...

George Walker Bush

So let's make 2008 just as a good as 2007 was. Let's see your early noms for D.O.T.Y. '08. Maybe Paris or Dane take over? Maybe it's a whole new person we didn't even know we hated yet? Only one thing is for sure, and that is that many, many more people will suffer the same fate hundreds have already fallen to. So time to yet again answer that magic question...

Who is in your DeathCar?


  1. Anonymous18:11

    When you mix George W. Bush with Jesus, you get the Big Lebowski!

  2. Anonymous12:51

    That is true on at least 27 levels.


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