Grace on Fire

So Cheese week is slowly turning into cheese month, but when the bodies start to pile up, someone has to take the fall (and again, I have no idea what I'm even typing here, I'm just trying not to drown in my crapulence).

And were back...

Nancy Grace is a former district attorney, and current bag of shit. You may recognize her from her many achievements that include using the death of her fiancé to further progress her career, driving a a young woman to commit suicide, and generally just making facts up to support any bullshit that happened to fall our of her mouth that day. Nancy Grace is not only deserving of a seat in the DeathCar, but I think she could handle an entire car of her own. Maybe we should develop some sort of glass car like the Popemobile so that we can all enjoy the look on her face before she bursts into flames. Ah daydreams, where would I be without you?

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