The 50th Post.

In order to celebrate the 50th post on the old blog, I decided to invite my celebrity friend 50 Cent to help answer some FAQ's about DeathCar...

Q: But Where do I submit my DeathCar?
A: Just leave it as a comment under the newest post.

Q: But I don't have an account set up.
A: Then set one up, or just leave it anonymously or something. I don't know, what am I your Mom?

Q: Should I email my comments to you?

Q: I can't decide who to put in my DeathCar.
A: Then just pick one person and slowly update it as you think of new ones. Seriously, this isn't that fucking hard.

Q: I think you are mean, and I don't "get" the humor here.
A: Go fuck yourself.

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