Stephen Baldwin is my Co-Pilot.

"We are the youth of America, and we can make a Difference" - Stephan Baldwin, Age 41.

So you may not be hip on the current affairs of the other, other, other Baldwin brother, so I will get you up to date. Stephen has quit show business (read: Can't find work to save his life), so he has decided to find Jesus and give him back to the kids. He realized that kids can't relate to these old farts preaching the Bible to them, so he decided to take his street cred (Read: Was in The Usual Suspects 10 years ago), and convert the youth himself. But how? How is he planning on filtering the old crusty Bible through his coolness and to a larger audience? I'm glad you asked, Stephen is doing it with the help of Extreme Sports! That's right, now teens have a chance to bungee jump, skateboard, and pray all at once. Thank you Stephen Baldwin, thank you for making the world a slightly more ignorant place. Amen.

Editor's Note: No shit, apparently he plays U2 at the youth retreats. You can't make that shit up.

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