Kathleen Turner Overdrive

"Hello there darling, could I bother you for some assistance? You see, I seem to have misplaced my Adams Apple. Have you seen it anywhere? I have been calling for it with my baritone voice but it didn't work. Maybe if I gently caress your face with my gigantic hands? Or if I show you my secret penis?...hello?....hello?"

Ya, so Kathleen Turner resembles a dude. That's all I was getting at. I also wanted to note that I realize that the drawing of her (above) doesn't really sing my point, but at the same time, you have to admit, somebody out there is drawing Kathleen Turner and putting it on the internet. You have to.


  1. who is kathleen turner? sorry i was out of touch with the world for a quite a long time..

  2. Heathen17:17

    Driver: Ben Stiller.
    Surely he would be doing something spontaneously(?) goofy, thereby causing his passengers to laugh uproariously. The resultant cacophony would then cause him to careen off a cliff, sending him back to the den of Satan from whence he came….

    Passenger: Renee Zellweger.
    The perpetual lemon-sucker and purveyor of plastic surgery can surely not scream whilst she puckers?

    Back Left: Matthew McConaughy.
    He’s southern. He’s shirtless. He’s a douche.

    Back Middle: Al Pacino
    Why hasn’t this guy overacted himself to death already?

    Back Right: Nancy Grace
    She has a face for radio and a voice to match? (N.B. I don’t listen to the radio).

    Trunk: Those fecking Cavemen.
    How did I waste an entire hour of my life (not to mention good reefer) on these advertisement-cum-sitcom hacks?

  3. Mr. Brain19:42

    Kathleen Turner is an American Born actress. You remember her from such movies as "Romancing the Stone", "The war of the Roses", and the voice of Jessica Rabbit.


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