White Christmas.

Carrying on with the young, blue eyed, blond haired, pile of shit category, we now come to the Pop Stylings of Prussian Blue. But who is Prussian Blue you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked. Prussian Blue are the Twin Sister combo of Lynx and Lamb, and they are the ripe age of 14 years young. They write the catchiest songs you ever did hear, and they are as cute as buttons.

So whats the problem you ask? Well my misinformed friend, Prussian Blue are white supremacists. That's right, those white supremacists. As in Nazis, and the KKK, and the Burning Crosses, and the Holocaust (which was "greatly exaggerated" according to young Lynx.) They tour the country and sing their songs about Niggers, and Jews, and Chinaman, and delight all those that are lucky enough to bask in their underage glory. I personally hope that when they meet their maker (post DeathCar), it's a 9 foot tall midnight black motherfucker, and he gives those bitches something to be hateful about.

Editor'd Note: I think my maker is going to be a half Kirsty Alley and half Criss Angel super breed that dazzles me with magic and then eats me alive. (fingers crossed).

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