Tachikoma has a good idea. Let's take all of our fun childhood memories, and throw them in the toilet. So without further ado, TGIF DeathCar...

Carl Weathers made me think of Carl Winslow. That made me think of an All-TGIF DEATH CAR (aka TGIDC).

Driver: Carl Winslow (because he was Crocodile Dundee's chauffeur. do your research!)

Shotgun: Topanga (the name alone)

Back right: Cousin Larry

Back center: whoever played Cousin Larry's girlfriend

Back left: whoever played Balki's girlfriend

Trunk: Not Steve Urkel, but actually Stefan Urkel (with an accent on the e), the cooler version of Steve Urkel.

Bonus: Martin from "Martin" tied to the roof, screaming "DAMN GINA" repeatedly.

Ok, first off, this is fantastic. I give Tachikoma props like a small plane. Second, I'm afraid "Martin" was never a TGIF show. Martin debuted in 1992 on the Fox Television Network. TGIF was an ABC vehicle. Now, that being said, Big ups on remembering Martin's catchphrase of "Damn Gina". That shit is making a come back like last night dinner. Also, the Stefan Urkel reference was tight. Remember the robot Urkel, that was kind of a jerk? Good times.

Editor's Note:
Did you know that Family Matters was originally supposed to be a spin-off of Die Hard? It was supposed to surround the character of "Sargeant Al Powell", and Bruce Willis was going to be his buddy that dropped by at Christmas. Instead it became a spin-off of Perfect Strangers. Harriet (The Mom) was their co-worker for the first 4 seasons. You can't buy this kind of knowledge, it's not for sale.

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  1. Oh my god... that is the best thing I've ever read. Hahaha...


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