Dakota going South or Fanning the Flames (both equally wonderful pun based headlines).

So today is a very special day for this old blog, because Dakota Fanning joins Bindi Irwin as the only "children" in the DeathCar family. Now when I say "children" I mean teenager. You see Dakota is 14 now, which in my books makes her fair game for death nominations (which from here on in will be referred to as "D-noms" as I am trying to youth up the site for that crucial 13-21 market). Anyways, where was I? Right. So Dakota Fanning is an annoying coont that won't stop smiling, and she talks like a 35 year old, and she is going to (at best) look like Laurie Metcalf when she is older. So...ya. Bitch has got to go.

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