Game on!

So after a brief hiatus from the carnage, I thought it would be nice to ease back into it with a Life Ambulance nomination.

Now for those of you that may be new to the blog, the Life Ambulance is a sort of Hall of Fame for those few that we feel deserve a lifetime pass from the DeathCar. Current members include: Corky from Life Goes On, Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs (her soul however is in the DeathCar), Mike Tyson, and Carl Fucking Weathers.

So I am proud to announce, the newest inductee into the Life Ambulance is....(drumroll)...

Tom Sizemore.

Now, before you flip out, let me explain. Tom Sizemore is not only a gifted Hollywood actor, but he also directs and stars in his own low-budget adult movies. These epics often include himself feeding prostitutes copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, and performing various sex acts upon them (most of which have humourus nicknames). He also dabbles in other non-industry related hobbies which include beating the shit out of Heidi Fleiss, and cheating on drug tests by peeing clean urine through a fake penis during drug tests.

Basically, this guy has directly caused me more entertainment than any movie, televison show, and videogame I have ever seen or played combined. And for this unselfish act, he is now and forever inducted into The Life Ambulance. Congratulations Tom, you earned it.

Ta Da.

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