The Great White Hype

Ok, so you know "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel? I thought is would be a fun time to tie up some of these DeathCar alums and use them as chum. I mean, The DeathCar is fine, but imagine Bobby Flay being slowly towed at 10 knots behind one of them big science boats, slowly waiting to be eaten alive by a Great White? Just to see the look of fear on his face, man, that would be living. Of course, you can only drag one corpse around at a time that way...hmmmm,...maybe I got a little ahead of myself there. The DeathCar holds up to 5 people, and a group in the trunk. That's way more carnage and revenge for my money. Sometimes I get all excited about the prospect of righting the world's wrongs. I just have to remember, "don't try and reinvent the wheel, just add cool looking spikes".

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