Sarah. Jessica. Parker.

I want to feed her apples and sugar cubes, and nail shoes to her feet.

I could go on forever about her, but it basically just boils down to the fact she appears to be a half human, half horse super breed, and that scares the shit out of me.

Get in the car, bitch.


  1. thunder11:00

    Plus her face looks like a foot.

  2. Deathcar: General Public Edition

    Driver: People who wear ironic Ts

    Shotgun: People who dress their babies and/or animals in ironic Ts.

    Back Left: People who use the word "funky" seriously.

    Back Right: People who say "Crackbook" or "Crackberry".

    Back Middle: People who cruise Robson Street.

    Trunk: People who put bullet hole decals on their cars.


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