YouTube is a Dangerous Place.

So I was looking for some Tyra Banks footage on YouTube because I had planned on writting a post about how she hasn't been pretty in roughly 473 years, but I came across this little gem instead.

I mean, I realize that putting these douchies in the DeathCar is a little obvious, but is it even possible that this clip not only exists, but that the show it came from is the #1 show in the fucking world? I would just put America as a whole in the DeathCar, but they also gave us Freedom Fries, and I don't think any of us can imagine living in a world without that wonderful addition. Seriously though, I thought this blog would be a theraputic way of dealing with my anger, but I it's getting me twice as worked up. I should probably just get really drunk and watch Milo & Otis over and over instead. I love that filthy dog.

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