I know what your Boobs did last summer.

Thunder Tits is right. If someone does not share similar interests with you, and they are famous, they should die.

Speaking of my huge muscles, here is a brand new DeathCar by Thunder.

Driver: Ben Affleck
Shotgun: Matt Daemon
Back left: J-lo
Middle: Jenny Love Hewitt
Right: Enrique Iglesias
Trunk: Tyra Banks

I particularly enjoy how Double T has decided that Tyra Bank's fat ass needs an entire trunk, normally reserved for large groups of people, to hold it. That is setting a new standard here at the old blog. Fat people go in the trunk. So it was written, so it was done. I also like the addition of the Mensa Twins, and Mexico Iglesias. I do however need to take acception to the addition of Jennifer Love Hewwitt, or just "Love" as I call her (because we are close friends). I find it offensive that you would include such beautiful breats in such a violent act. May I suggest you include the rest of her body in the DeathCar, but promote her mounds to the Life Ambulance? Wait....it just happened. So it was written, so it was done. I could get used to this.

UPDATE: Wow, so it turns out when you google "Jennifer Love Hewitt", you get fan drawings of her (above). It appears that this person had the fantasy that Jennifer was in a fire made of ghosts. Amazing. Simply amazing.

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  1. I really pref "I know What Color Your Boobs Are"


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