Princess Diana locked in trunk of DeathCar

So Gorf has decided to get off his ass and complete the DeathCar he started the other day. He has (under much pressure I might add) decided to replace Princess Diana with The Donald. I have to say, he has put together a fine load here. I particularly enjoy the Carson Daly addition. That guy needs a swift bomb to the throat. Anyways, let's stop the delays and get right to it...


Driver: Donald Trump

Shotgun: Shawn from Spence Diamonds

Backseat: Charlie Sheen

Backseat: Carson Daly

Backseat: Marc Anthony

Oops! Looks like Gorf forgot to fill his trunk. I guess he wanted me to put the corpse of Princess Diana in there. I bet if Gorf were here right now he would say something like...

"Princess Diana was an ugly whore that molested children". -Gorf

Boy, Gorf is really going to get it for that one. But again, I'm not going to play some sort of "DeathCar God" and tell people who they should and should not put in their trunks, even if that person is a dead princess beloved by millions.

Again, please address all comments to GORF.


  1. GORF: I forgot how much I hate Carson Daly! Thanks for reminding me. If he ever replaced Dave Letterman (which would never happen), he & Paul Shaffer together would be enough to make me vomit. I might even watch Leno if that happened.

  2. Hey fuck face I have a Turd car for you, it is all female as I am a misogynist:

    Driver: Tyra Banks. She's not pretty. She thinks she can judge models because she has big tits and a bigger forehead. And her show isn't even in HD on the HD channels. Of all programs, shouldn't a program about people with (supposedly) little to no physical defects be shown in HD? I want to see her fucking dirty pock marks.

    Shotgun: Courtney love. Obvious pun.

    Backseat: Barry Bonds. You deserve no records and no accolades. You deserve to get your hyper human blood all over Tyra's forehead at the moment of impact. And that's right, he was a woman before he took the juice.

    Chris Pronger's Wife: You thought it was cold in Edmonton? Try sitting between these two cuntwraps.

    Tila Tequila: Because I love your reality show. Because I deleted my myspace. Because you aren't bisexual. Because you are getting rich the Latin way.

    Tila Tequila's lap: Dakota Fanning, DIE BITCH!

    Trunk: Facebook. Vaginas, every single one of you.

    Window clasp: Canucks flags on all four windows to symbolize the ultimate retardedness of the people inside.

    P.S. This car would ride through the guts of Oprah as she would have been my Driver choice but is dead already and needs further romping.

  3. Anonymous02:02

    P-TROX:THE Roloffs!!! Yeah that clan of midget/twigs....they need to take a dirt nap on the family farm, after spilling out of the john deer while on thier way to the crapper for a family dump.


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