Tachikoma writes...

"You need to do a couple of posts on a Porn Star DeathCar. for example, that canadian girl from Kate's Playground. You know who I mean."

Unfortunately Tachioma, I do know who you mean. I didn't however know that she was Canadian. I don't do as many background checks on Internet Porn Stars as I guess I should. All I have found on her so far is that she is a stuck up bitch that won't show me her shit unless I pay her the $30.89 a month that she keeps asking me for. I mean come on Kate, your pretty frigid up for a slut. Just remove those white stars from your nipples so we can get down to some business. You have to trust me, I'm good for the money, I'm a big time Hollywood Power Agent (hence my screen-name "Dochollywood42"), and I want to "meet you inside" as you suggested before. So why don't we just drop this "Free Tour" bullshit, or I will be forced to go through with this DeathCar plan that Tachikoma has been on and on about.


  1. adam10:39

    There's something poetic about "PornStar DeathCar". I think I'd like it to be a breakfast cereal, maybe.

  2. The marshmallows would be in the shapes of tiny flaming wreckages, and labias.

  3. Samson15:10

    I hate Keanu Reeves

  4. adam12:31

    I'm seriously thinking about the marketing potential of this idea. Who wouldn't buy a cereal called PornStar DeathCar? I'd buy it, and I don't even eat cereal.

  5. I like any cereal with either the word "porn, or "death" in the title.


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