Death Schoolbus?

My old friend Cheese has decided to update the old Deathcar, and who can blame her. Wait?...HER? What kind of self respecting female would willingly go by the name of cheese? Is she one of those wacky "I can hang with anybody cause I'm one of the guys" kind of chicks, or is she simply the "fat/funny friend" of the hot girl that won't return my calls? Who knows, who cares. Either way, here is her list, and I think it is one of the strongest ones entered thust far.

Driver: Robin Williams
Shotgun: Bindi Irwin
Left Back: Perez Hilton
Right Back: Nancy Grace
Middle Back: Janice Dickenson
Trunk: The writers of Two and a Half Men

I don't know where to start here. They are all equally shitty human beings, and I think they will all recieve an individual post in the next week. I do want to however, commend Cheese on her inclusion of our first child here at DeathCar. Not a lot of people would have the balls to wish death on a 7 year old girl that just lost her father, but Cheese did. Because she is brave. Like the firefighters on 9/11.


  1. Thunder Tits13:08

    Driver: Ben Affleck
    Shotgun: Matt Daemon
    Back left: J-lo
    Middle: Jenny Love Hewitt
    Right: Enrique Iglesias

    Trunk: Tyra Banks

  2. I like how Daemon is written in the way retards say it.

  3. Where is my deathcar for today?

  4. It's coming....tired.


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