Bloody Mary

Nobody writes...

Dear D.W.B.,

I love DeathCar. Me and all of my cheerleader friends like to read it when we have sleepovers wearing pigtails and no bras. We also think that you are very strong and handsome.

Wish you were here,


It's always nice to hear from a fan. Speaking of which, I was looking through some of the results of one of the many insightful polls we have here at DeathCar, and I noticed that someone nominated Mary Hart as an "Other". I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Did you know that that pile of dirty needles has been on on that fucking show since day one? (and before that she was on the Regis Philbin Show? Wait, there was a Regis Philbin Show?). She may possibly be the most phony person that ever lived. I firmly believe that when she eventually ends up in Hell, she will have her teeth individually extracted from her mouth by the that creepy Cat from Pet Cemetery. Of course this is just a theory. What do you think will happen when Mary Hart goes to Hell?

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