Jaundice, Tubs, & Dead Eye...

So I was thinking, why do you have to fill your DeathCar up? If you have 3 candidates (Read: Cunts) just sitting in car, ready to go, why can't we just pour ourselves a nice drink, disconnect the brakes, sit back and enjoy the show? When you think about it, are there 3 more deserving people on the planet? I mean, if you total up all the car accidents they have already been in, it amounts to somewhere in the ballpark of 40 Quaytiggadons. Quaytiggadons are the official currency of a Space Planet that only I and a handful of my celebrity friends know about. That's how they count car accidents in the future. By totaling the damage created monetarily. Did I mention this took place in the future? ...Hello?....Where am I? ...KILL! KILL! KILL!

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