Shit is being taking it up a notch. I believe this will be the first scenario we have had at DeathCar, or DeathCycle as it were. This makes my job much easier, I highly recommend it. So without further ado...

K7 Writes...

I would like to make a Friday morning post ...


Dave Navarro, relapsed, driving around Hollywood on his Harley .... A young, acned male fan of the show ROCKSTAR recognizes him (he doesn't know that Dave used to have dreadlocks while in Jane's Addiction and was once a funny and talented guy) and starts yelling and throwing horns. Dave sees him, throws some horns and yells "YEAH SON". Having averted his eyes from the road, and being high on dope, Dave runs into the back of a stopped vehicle on Mellrose. He flies through the air, almost in slow motion, headfirst into a phone pole.


Editor's Note: Slow clap, turns into standing O.

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