Fred Phelps must die.

So, I know what you're thinking. Who is this Fred Phelps, and why must he die? Well I'm glad you asked. Fred Phelps is the Pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church, in Topeka, Kansas. But why would you wish harm on a man of the cloth? Truly he must be a good, noble man, right? Well, not exactly. You see Fred and his congragation like to protest the funerals of people that died of AIDS. Let me repeat that, HE PROTESTS FUNERALS OF PEOPLE THAT DIED OF AIDS.

You see, Fred believes that homosexuality and its acceptance have doomed most of the world to eternal damnation. And that his boy, Jesus, sent the world AIDS as a tool to help his Church exterminate gay people.

Here is an example of some of the slogans they put on their signs...

Thank God for 9/11
God hates fags
AIDS cures fags
Fags die, God laughs

Seriously, you can't make shit like this up. And just to add to the madness, Fred also calls for the end of Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, which shouldn't come as any shock, but he also runs anti-Swedish, anti-Irish, and anti-Canadian websites, which is...well...kind of odd.

So I could literally go on forever about this guy, but I thought it would be more fun to let you guys do it. Go nuts, this guy is the worst of the worst.


  1. Anonymous20:06

    I think we should remove his skin.

    1. Anonymous12:33

      And then pour salt all over him

  2. and replace it with snakes.

  3. Anonymous19:43

    And then replace the snakes with snake-skin...oh wait, he's already got snake skin. Then, let's let him suffer with snake's like human aids except it'll make his taste buds immune to ice-cream and make his children hate him for having a week pancreas. Later on he will explode, internally.

  4. I hope people picket each and every funeral that family has for the rest of its existence. The Phelps are horrible people, all of them.

  5. SatanIsGod21:40

    Freddie is a fag otherwise he wouldn't be so fixated on it. He mustve got turned down when no one wanted to fuck his loose ass. Also he shoul have his eyes stabbed until they are puss then caustic soda should be put in there while his fingers and burned on a stove and then i would drag him behind a car a piss on his head HA HA fred is a FAG he loves cock

  6. Anonymous19:53

    to pursued him to repent the old school dictator (hitler or sadamm) way

  7. Anonymous20:48

    This anti American bigot needs to die a painfully slow death. Not just for his hate mongering, but for his defamation of serviceman's funerals. Standing outside a church and screaming how he is glad that the young man in the casket inside is dead, and that he wishes the terrorists would win. This is the man who took CHILDREN to BAGHDAD to protest the first gulf war. A man who is SADDENED that S. Hussian is dead.

  8. Igor16:55

    Break every last bone in his rotten body, and send him to connecticut (a place many consider to be worse than Hell!)

  9. Andrew20:57

    And you wonder why Christianity has such a jaded perspective in the world. It is because of people like these who use religion as a crutch to infect their personal fears and ignorance upon the world. They are the exact same as extreme Islamists.

  10. Anonymous21:16

    Fuck Fred Phelps and fuck his shitty little so called church seriously this guys must die.

  11. Anonymous21:16


  12. Anonymous20:20

    I just want to burn him inside his own church, build a gay bar on the ashes, then have a party.

  13. Anonymous21:55

    Scalp this bastard, crush his skull, and beat him to a bloody pulp.

  14. Anonymous05:48

    Id get a sniper and his cell phone number, then wait for him step outside and then call him up and say "Hey ASSHOLE, look up here you stupid fucker!" Then he gets a nice 7.62 present right in the head.

  15. Anonymous23:38

    Wow,he thinks WE'RE going to Hell?

  16. Anonymous20:42

    The WBC is just a hate group disguised as a church.

  17. Anonymous01:37

    He should be locked in a cell with several psychotic homosexual rapists, WITH AIDS, at minimum HIV. Then we should have him tested to make sure he contracted it, then have him exposed to several non-fatal, but horribly painful diseases. Then have his nails ripped off, castrated in the most painful manner possible, beaten, force fed his own waste, his eyes gored out of his head (not to steal the previous comment, it IS a good idea!), salt and lemon juice poured in the sockets, tongue ripped (or cut, I'm not picky) out of his mouth so he can't spread his nonsense, and hurt in any other way you guys could help me by thinking of. How obvious is it that I hate this guy?

  18. Anonymous01:40

    Also, the WBC only claims they're a church for tax benefits.

  19. Anonymous02:18

    And have his grave turned into a communal bathroom.

  20. Anonymous08:22

    I bet hitler would say omg and they said I was fucking evil lol someone should get frozen water balloon's and chuck them at the family u get 5 points for one person 500 for hitting Fred "the fuck up " phelps

  21. Anonymous08:25

    I noticed everyone wants him dead on the spot I would blow his legs off and prod his tounge with a star of Satan coz I'm such a nice person

  22. Anonymous13:38

    i hate fuckers like phelps im sick of that old fuck gives catholics a bad name

  23. Anonymous15:24

    Why bother with all the torture? Get a group of about 25 people, train them up, and gather them outside their church Sunday morning, arm 10 up with semi auto, high powered rifles and place them covering the rear or all exits of their church, and arm the rest with shotguns and storm the front. Be careful to make sure none of the shotty-wielders exit the church once their in, and leave no one alive. The rifle(wo)men should pick off the squirters, (people who run out the exits) and please don't fret about the Phelps children, unless their infants. Please spare them! Anyone over the age of 5 are probably already brainwashed beyond hope and will grow up just as bad. Remember quick and thorough. No need to promote suffering. Jobs like this are best done quickly.

  24. Anonymous15:41

    It goes without saying reference the post about eliminating the Westborough Baptist Church, that I am only kidding. DO NOT ATTEMPT WHAT I JUST POSTED!! The church is, unfortunately legit, and anyone trying this will face genocide and crimes against humanity charges. In the US that means the death penalty! What you should try is lobby the government into outlawing the church, and have them charged for inciting hatred and encouraging genocide and crimes against humanity themselves. What they are doing is NOT free speech! It is time the US supreme court realizes this...

  25. I've done quite a bit of research on. For one that man is not a reverend he is a cult leader. He spits hate, racism, and cruelty. All of which if anyone has read the bible knows, that Jesus would frown upon. All I can really say is. I hope you enjoy that special place in hell that you reserved for you and your hillbilly off spring, I hope and pray for your families salvation, due to your brainwashing they are on a b line to hell. Though for you Fred Phelps, I hope a painful death is in your near future.

  26. Anonymous23:04

    Bend him over a table and have 5 big hairy gay leather daddies fist fuck him until he bleeds out.

  27. Anonymous18:50

    I'm gonna have a field day when he dies!!

  28. Anonymous14:34

    I can guarantee that he gets fucked in his stupid ass. I would not think twice about sending a 7.62 through his head if he were protesting any of the military funerals I attend. His whore children and grandchildren should have be fucked by all the gay AIDS infected murderers in prison. I mean ALL of them, however many thousands there are.

  29. Anonymous08:32

    Im going to kill him.. thats it. That simple. He will die and i will be proud of doing it. That stupid piece of shit protested my uncles funeral

  30. Anonymous19:41

    Fred Phelps should be analy raped with a razor blade dildo till shit comes out his mouth.

  31. Anonymous14:09

    this is not good enough. You need to tie him to a chair, and line up every member of his congregation. Kill all of them one by one, showing him the page in the bible for justification of their death, at the end burn his church, and leave him tied up. Or send him as a package to the taliban with a note that tells them he is the guy that made the site for anti-islam.

  32. Anonymous12:29

    I'm not American; but i heard stories about this guy, and they made me quite literally sick.
    skin him alive, pickle him with salt.
    Oh, and butt-rape him and give him AIDS, just for the irony.

  33. Anonymous23:21

    Disgusting human being, gives a bad name to christianity. I say just tie him up in the desert and let some vultures lose on him because he's obviously already dead on the inside....

  34. Anonymous01:52

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  37. Anonymous08:55

    Fred Phelps and all his family are the biggest bunch of cowards I've ever seen. They are of the devil, not USA.


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