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My DeathCar circa November 07:

Hmmmm ....

1) DRIVER: Chris Angel

2) SHOTGUN: Dane Cook

3) BACK LEFT: Darcy Tucker

4) BACK RIGHT: Scott Stapp

5) MIDDLE: Chad Kroeger

6) TRUNK: The Killers

I have to say that I'm ashamed that K7 has beaten me to the punch on some of these. He clearly has a firm grasp on DeathCar and the whole ideaology behind it. I mean he didn't just add two Hall of Fame passengers with Chad Kroeger and Scott Stapp, but he has opened an entire pandora's box of Sports personalities with Darcy Tucker. There will definitely be more on these entries in the near future. Bravo K7, I salute you.

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  1. thunder tits14:54

    Please tell me there's still room in the car for Patrick Swayze


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