Jillian writes...

My car:

1. DRIVER: Dick Cheney

2. SHOTGUN: Dubya

3. BACK RIGHT: Tamara Taggart

4. BACKLEFT: Pariah Hilton

5. MIDDLE: Britnay Spears

6.TRUNK: The Cast of the Hills and the OC (I have never watched these shows and don't understand their fame)

Bravo sweet Jillian, another DeathCar barrier has been torn down - The Local Celebrity. For those that may not live in the City of Glass, Tamara Taggart is a local Weather Cunt that has basically made life miserable for the locals during the last decade. You see, I have no actually proof of this, but word on the street is that Tamara comes out only at night where she stalks and attacks small livestock especially goats. She feeds of of the blood of her victims, and some even say she devours their souls. She is a heavy creature, the size of a small bear, with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail (artists rendition above). If you see her, do not approach her as she is considered armed and dangerous.

Also, Pariah Hilton? is that Paris and Mariah together? Like some sort of Super Beast, like a Mermaid or Pegasus? Maybe this creature can be recruited to help stop The wrath of Tammara Taggart! We have to get these two together like the Keymaster and The Gatekeeper, only this time we won't be afraid to cross the streams!

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