T-Rex vs. Gorrila vs. Helen Keller

T-Rex writes...

Second String Death car:

Driver: Former co -host of American Idol Brian Dunkleman
Front Passenger: Jerry Lewis
Back left: Luke Perry
Back right: Bill S Preston Esquire (Alex Winter)
Trunk: The Great Apes (this includes Chimpanzees, Gorrillas, and orangutans. For not being humans.)

So I'm not sure what "Second String" is all about, but the DeathCar looks great. Maybe T-Rex has multiple DeathCars like a rich world traveler or a mechanic. Either way this needs to be further examined. But who? I do hate anything and everything to do with American Idol, but the guy did have the wherewithal to leave. Luke Perry is annoying, but then again i think he already died in a hot-air balloon accident in '98. Alex Winter was with Luke at the time, and Jerry Lewis is a king amongst Men in France. I guess this can only leave us with...The Dirty Apes.

This actually would have made a great addition to the All-Animal DeathCar Tachikoma sent us a few days ago, especially that filty KoKo, that knew over 1000 signs in that deafo language. And what's the deal with Deaf people needing to sign? Their ears don't work, not their mouths. The can easily communicate when their hungry or need a walk by barking or peeing on your shoes. And if you need to tell them they are being gay, you can just press the shock button that activates the device they wear on their chokers. If you ask me, sign language is a big fat waste of time. Just like all those monkeys. Well all of them except Helen Keller, that bitch had a nice rack.

Editor's Note: Wait, is he confusing Deaf people with Dogs or Monkeys? And who is KoKo? Wait, Helen Keller didn't have a nice rack...did she?

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