Nicholas Sarantakos: MindFreak

To celebrate the 1 week anniversary of the blog the world can't stop talking about, I thought it be fitting the salute a man who maybe the biggest pile of douche on the planet. Of course I am talking about Criss Angel (Mindfreak).

I guess the question is, "Does Nicholas Sarantakos (his real name), deserve to be in a car accident? The answer is yes. But why does he deserve to be in a car accident? Is it because he wears handcuffs as a necklace? Is it because he wears make-up? Is it because he hangs out with fellow DeathCar mainstays like Britney Spears, Carrot Top, Paris Hilton, or That guy from the Brady Bunch (stay tuned)? No...Crissy deserves to be in a car accident because of the following...

I am the mindfreak (mindfeak!)
There's no reality
Just this world of illusion
That keeps on turning me
I am the mindfreak (mindfreak!) (x4)
Mindfreak (x4)
Are you ready?

But seriously, Are you ready?

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  1. I really like all these posts. I'm sorry I forced you to change your fake british name to your real initials.

    My recommendation: You need to do a couple of posts on a Porn Star Death Car. for example, that canadian girl from Kate's Playground. You know who I mean.

    Also can you create a "life ambulance" in which awesome people are preserved for future generations? thanks


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