B-B-B-Benny and the DeathCars

Benny has taken DeathCar to where it needs to be. You notice how he has provided his own comments for his entries? This means that I can just post it as is. You see, this saves me precious minutes which I will later use to watch televison. Ahhh, King Of Queens, when will Doug learn that he can't pull the wool over that fat cunt's eyes?

Anyways, here is Benny's DeathCar. Enjoy.

Driver: Courtney Love (I would say she's a modern-day Frankenstein but that's way too kind)

Shotgun: Rachel Ray ("You can't fake a good meal"...William Burroughs. "Yummy"....Rachel Ray enjoying a shitty meal).

Backseat: Glenn Healy (Hockey Douche Supremo)

Backseat: Margaret Cho (Tearing down stereotypes....oh wait, yeah, just not funny and very unattractive)

Backseat: Oprah (STOP trying to heal people with cars and 30-second sound bites).

Trunk: Hollywood (Let people age with grace and make movies with grace, it's not that hard).

*note* you may include or replace one of the above with...
Hood ornament: Raphael Nadal (cut your shorts and learn to play tennis).

ps - apparently I mostly hate women - is this natural? There are a lot of "Death Car" worthy men out there.

- Benny.

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  1. I nominate Benny for being a misogynist.


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