Look who's Eating.

So I found an interesting little tid bit about one of our Designated Driver's here at DeathCar, that i thought would be fun to share. It turns out that Kirstie Alley (Read: The Gunt) has had a new sex position named after her.

The Kirstie Alley Sex Maneuver

But what is the Kirstie Alley Sex Maneuver you ask? Well, UrbanDictionary.com defines it as "The act of eating while having sex". It really must be quite a day for you when society thinks about eating and fucking, an image of you pops in their mind. I guess it could be worse. It could be "The act of eating shit while having sex". Speaking of which, has anyone seen that "Two girls, One Cup" video? I have yet to, and I think I'm afraid. Someone should make a "Two Girls, One Kirstie Alley" video. Now that sounds frightening.

Editor's Note: As per the "Thunder Tits Act" of 2007, Kirstie Alley may only be placed in the trunk.


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  2. "Kirstie: Too Fat for Sex" again!


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