You owe Sergei Gonchar a quarter.

So normally I wouldn't just post the "Viral video" of the day, but in this case I couldn't resist. This is a local car commercial starring 3 members of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and it's amazing on at least 18 levels.

Ok first, why is Colby Armstrong in it? That guy can barely play hockey let alone sell cars. He will likely be mowing your lawn by next summer for spending cash and a cool glass of lemonaid. And why is Sergie Gonchar being played by Slippery Pete from the Frogger episode of Seinfeld? He looks like he has a pound of coke up his ass. And Malkin? Why would you attempt to recruit Russia's answer to Frankenstein to help market your product? Why not use an autistic bear while your at it? And don't get me started on Maxim Talbot, that guy sounds like a blender when he talks. Why not just record a fax machine and add stock footage of air-show accidents? Now thats how you sell automobiles.

This is clearly the greatest acting job done by professional hockey players since Gretzky hosted SNL in the early nineties. My mind is melted.

Editor's Note: Gonchar's dancing / Air-Spinning / "ticky-de-de-ticky-de" will haunt my dreams for the rest of eternity.

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