The DeathCar Scientists are at it agian.

There's a lot of jerks out there these days, getting angry at Japanese people for eating dolphins. CNN has a poll that says "Should Japanese people be allowed to eat dolphins?" Fuck! Who you gonna call, dolphinbusters?

Nobody can regulate what Japanese people eat. Or any Asian people, for that matter. If you take away dolphins, they'll eat pandas. If you take away pandas, they'll eat Godzillas. That shit is delicious.

Most Deathcar Scientists, slaving away at 25-hour shifts in our unheated underground bunker, now agree that SARS started because a virus transferred from civet cats to humans. Chinese people, especially south Chinese people, like to eat civet cats. Civet cats are essentially large raccoons. There's good meat on there. Apparently. And good virus. The virus locks in the flavor.

Hell, do you know what the US Navy does with dolphins? They frikkin strap cameras on their heads and train them to defuse bombs. The dolphin is down there like, red wire, green wire, it's frikkin lethal weapon 5: the dolphining, joe pesci has blond hair and is freaking out.

You know, I live in southern China. On my second day here, I went to the supermarket to buy food, as you do. I'm walking around in the seafood department, and passed by live fish, live another kind of fish, live shrimp .... Live Baby Crocodiles. I shit you not. You buy them by the pound, take them home and fry them up. In a regular grocery store.

Dolphins aren't ok,
but crocodiles are? That's racist!!!


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