Saddle up.

This was originally posted on Dec, 04th 2004. It marked the beginning of what became a legendary love affair between the blog and the worlds greatest band. Enjoy.

Thanks to a internet leak, we are happy to bring you the new artwork and track listings for the upcoming Uteromo's Conquest album. From what we have been able to dig up, the long awaited album will be in stores early next spring, and will be accompanied by a DVD of some of the bands favorite scene's from the popular adult video series "Shane's World". This will mark the second time in the band's career where a proof of age will be needed to purchae their album. The first occuring during the infamous 1989 release of "Underage Mouth". Athough no one from the band was available for comment, the band's representaion did send out a Media Release today stating "Uteromo's Conquest is fucking rad". Enjoy.

1. Chained to a sex dove.
2. You have nice legs (and your husbands a dick)
3. Pregnant breakfast
4. Stink finger
5. 2 way mirror
6. restraining order #7
7. Who cares what your name is?
8. Butter Cunt
9. Saddle Up
10. Proffesional Bride

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