Part 2

Today on "Who the fuck has a YouTube user profile, we meet the enigmatic Darrelly84.

Darelly is a 23 year old american that has a grand total of 3 videos uploaded to his YouTube Profile page. What are these videos of? So glad you asked.

The first fantastic video is approximatelu 1 minute of his cat (buster goose) staring out the window. Fucking riveting shit. The next video is of his buddy David participating in the arcade game "Dance dance revolution". Redefines amazing. And finally 5 fucking minutes of Paula Poundstone doing stand-up "Comedy".

So basically, to sum Darelly up in a nutshell, he is a closet gay man that lives in his parents basement that enjoys shitty comedy and hasen't quite gotten up the nerve to tell David how he really feels.

Good luck Darelly, and keep those great videos coming.


  1. The Dirty Italian22:28

    DeathCar è il miglior blog ho mai letto in tutta la mia vita!

  2. Actually, my cat is adorable, Paula P is hilarious, and David knows exactly how I feel about him.

  3. Also, there is nothing "in the closet" about him and he hasn't lived in the same state as his parents in a number of years let alone their friggin basement.

  4. Anonymous06:44

    I love Darrelly84.

  5. JoRap07:42

    This is AWESOME!


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