The Hollywood Repoter

So this is another throw back from the crisp time of January, 9th 2005. For those of you that need a refresher, The Hollywood Reporter is basically future movies developed by people that are smarter than you. Enjoy.

1) Muhamed & the Hendersons Starring: Al Frankin, Mary Steambergen, and the voice of Jeff Foxworthy
Some yuppies buy a house in East Rutherford, New Jersey which is haunted by an Arabic speaking ghost.

2) Legal Spread Eagle Starring: Dakota Fanning and Nick Lachey
A man has sex with his adopted daughter.

3) Freebass Starring: Juliette Lewis and Allan Iverson
A stripper loses faith in her bass player boyfriend.

4) Hot Threesome Starring: Billy, Daniel, And Stephen Baldwin
A raging house fire claims the lives of 3 during a porn shoot.

5) Bitch had it coming Starring: Lara Flynn Boyle and Dennis Farina
A traveling dancer is dumped on christmas morning by her cheating boyfriend.

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