Maybe she has a penis or something?

What are fucking kidding me?

According to my sources (the internet), pretty girl and Hollywood actress, Megan Fox is engaged to Brian Austin Green. Yup, that dude who banged Donna on 90210.

Soooooo, anyone mind telling me what fucking planet we're on where Tiger Beats 84th coolest guy on the planet 1992 is getting it on with a girl that looks like she was created in a lab a la Weird Science? Does she even know about this? Someone should probably let her know that she is approximately ten thousand light years out of his league. Megan Fox could lose a leg or two and still find someone better than him. At a bus station. Filled with lepers.

I guess I could have also gone the other way with this and propped B.A.G. up on a pedestal for reaching for the stars (and catching one), but I didn't. Why didn't I? Fuck him, that's why.

Editor's Note: Remember on 90210 how David worked as a High School DJ? Was that just a tv thing, or did other high Schools have radio stations in them? I feel so fucking ripped off right now.

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